Case Study 1

Through her research in crime prevention, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Policing Dr Leanne Monchuk worked in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and West and Central Yorkshire Scouts to co-design, co-develop and co-disseminate a suite of crime prevention resources specifically aimed at Cubs aged between 8 and 10.5 years old. The concept developed from an initial engagement event with 200 young people, to the creation of a new dedicated crime prevention badge, which has been disseminated to over 4,000 young people across the county of West Yorkshire. The crime prevention badge aims to engage, educate and empower Cubs in relation to the prevention of domestic burglary and ensuring their safety when online. It also seeks to remind young people when and how to call the police. This has been an excellent opportunity to engage with young people and their adult leaders across the county. The co-designed resources are available for download.


Case Study 2

The AHRC funded project ‘Mixing it - Diversity in Second World War Britain’ (AH/L015536/1) was led by Professor Wendy Webster and is an example of a research project which reflects the Open Research ethos of the University. The research centred around the cultural and social history aspects associated with the unprecedented ethnic and national diversity of the population in Britain, but who played little part in public memories of the war. The key aspects of the project were:

  • Tracing the rich transnational histories and encounters involved in unprecedented movements of people to Britain, chiefly from empire, Europe and America
  • Looking at the role of ethnicity, language, gender and sexuality in shaping official and popular responses to different groups
  • Considering the experiences of those arriving, during the war and in its aftermath, their contributions to the Allied war effort and to British wartime culture and why these have often been forgotten
  • Examining portrayals of a transnational community of allies in the British media
  • Assessing the significance of the Second World War in the making of multi-ethnic, multinational Britain

The data collected relates to all aspects of the project in the form of extended interview transcripts (PDF), original audio interviews (WAV, MP3) and images (JPEG).  The compilation dataset was published through the University of Huddersfield repository in the form of a searchable on-line record. The dataset has a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and a read me file is also included at the top of the list of data files with annotation and information on how to use the dataset. The DOI, which has enabled the dataset to be linked to published research outputs, includes a book and an exhibition.