We bring world-class expertise and deep collaborative experience to achieve long-term economic and societal impact locally, nationally and internationally

The Centre for Cognition and Neuroscience brings together expertise in:

  • Cognitive and neuropsychological theory, data sourcing and capturing,
  • Advanced statistical and computational modelling, and
  • Experience with industrial, governmental, third sector and academic collaborations.

Whether you are a business with a product that could benefit from evidence-based psychological input, an organisation promoting research and awareness for a cause or a service provider working to improve outcomes for clients, we have the knowledge, facilities and experience to support your needs.

Our expertise can be broadly categorised into the following areas.

  • Research design, implementation and data analysis. 
    Our researchers are experienced using advanced quantitative statistical approaches to assess the effectiveness of services and products. We can provide a variety of services, including; stand-alone data analysis; instrument evaluation; trial or study design, implementation and analysis; and quantitative service evaluation.
  • Evidence synthesis. 
    We have reviewing expertise that can be adapted to suit the constraints of your project, from rapid evidence assessments to systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
  • Public speaking and engagement. 
    Our staff are experienced in speaking to a range of audiences (including academics, general public and business managers) to communicate complex scientific issues.
People sitting at a group desk watching a screen chatting

To support our research, we have a range of state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, including gaze tracking, kit capable of capturing physiological and brain wave activity, immersive reality and more. Find out more about our facilities here.

We have worked with the Department of Transport, Ordnance Survey, the Ministry of Defence, FIFA, the International Centre for Sport Studies and more. Examples of our current projects can be found on our Research page.

To learn more about our services or to discuss a potential collaboration please contact the centre director Prof. David Peebles or the associate centre director Dr. Chris Street.