Current Research Projects

Healing built environment (HBE) and its impact on health outcome

Studies have shown that healing built environmental (HBE) factors (thermal, visual, acoustic, air quality etc.) affect the patients’ comfort, health and wellbeing... Read more >


Benefits of Continuous Improvement Cells

The project aims to understand and document the hard (quantitative) and soft (qualitative) benefits induced by the deployment of CI Cells in the highways supply chain... Read more >


From Construction to Production

From Construction to Production is one of the research projects funded by Highways England (HE) as part of its  research alliance with University of Huddersfield and a number of other academic institutions... Read more >

None in Three

None in Three

None in Three is a new project run by a team of Caribbean and UK experts in partnership with the Sweet Water Foundation and funded by the European Union to prevent domestic violence in the Caribbean... Read more >


Uni designer’s 3D technology to improve Paxman scalp cooling cap

This story published on Friday 15 May 2015
Redesign the cooling cap – to fit the head more efficiently, improve the flow pattern and be mass-manufactured


This story published on Thursday 10 September 2015
Solid Wall Innovative Insulation and Monitoring Processes using Lean Energy Efficient Retrofit