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The main aim of the Institute is to promote a fully integrated and coordinated approach to improve quality of life for patients.


Our Expertise: Current Research Themes

Our research themes include translational science, collaborative health research and product development.


Our People: Leading Experts

Members of the Institute


Our centres

A variety of centres work closely with the ISIaIP to deliver ground breaking research in wound care.

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Research Outputs and Delivering Impact

Selected publications, awards, case studies and other outputs from our research.


Education, Events and Outreach

We offer a range of specialist training, distance learning courses, PhD opportunities, conferences, events and outreach for health care professionals, patients and public.


Working With Us

We work with a number of external partners including academics, industry and public and private healthcare providers. Click on Find Out More below to see who we work with and how we can benefit you.



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Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise, discuss research or other opportunities with the Institute of Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention, then please contact PROFESSOR KAREN OUSEY k.j.ousey@hud.ac.uk.