Projects and Impacts

the src is engaged in a number of areas of research linked to the themes of sustainable and resilient communities. these key themes are listed below, but it is worth noting that there are strong overlaps between them.


Food Poverty Transitions

Funded by a British Academy/Leverhulme research grant, this project investigates the temporal experience of austerity and food access exclusion with the purpose of helping vulnerable individuals navigate their way out of food poverty.


Social entrepreneurship and social enterprise

Social entrepreneurship and the development of social enterprises in the UK, Africa and South America.


Sustainable food production and consumption

Sustainability of food production and associated food security are key issues for people in the Global North and South.


Sustainability and natural resource management

Research, training and consultancy to support the livelihoods of rural communities.

Community Resilience

SRC has a number of research projects that explore community resilience from different perspectives.

South West Forest and Landscapes Grouping (SWFLG)

SWFLG undertakes projects with an ecological, economically viable and socially sensitive approach to sustainable development.