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Unsustainable practices are evident in just about every sphere of our lives, and a related lack of care and consideration for the natural world has led us into the midst of the climate crisis. Climate change presents enormous threats to the sustainability of communities all over the world. Hence local and national governments in countless countries across the globe are declaring a climate emergency. Making this declaration serves to precipitate the huge transformations that are going to be required across all levels of society including government, business, and civil society.  

The Sustainable and Resilient Communities (SRC) research cluster provides a home for researchers within Huddersfield Business School, as well as from other Schools within the University and beyond. Our overall aim is to improve the sustainability and resilience of local communities within the Kirklees region, nationally across the UK, and in many other places around the world.  

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The SRC is engaged in a number of areas of research linked to the themes of sustainable and resilient communities. 

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