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We believe that some of the major challenges today facing communities around the world relate to unsustainable practices and the related destruction of natural resources, as well as the damage and disruption caused by shock events, many of which are a consequence of man’s impact on the environment. 

Our focus is on enhancing livelihoods, improving life choices and opportunities and supporting innovations that will improve the sustainability of communities, particularly poor ones, in the face of current challenges.

We do this by undertaking research and training in the areas of sustainability and resilience. We work in the UK and overseas, principally in Africa and the Maghreb, and increasingly in South America.

Through the sharing of ideas and experience SRC seeks to inform policy, provide guidance for individuals, communities, institutions and governments, and generate evidence of the impact of our research and related practical measures.

To achieve this we work with a variety of partners: other research institutions, not-for-profit organisations, the private sector and local communities.

You can find more details about our work in the "Outputs and impact" section of this website.

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The SRC is engaged in a number of areas of research linked to the themes of sustainable and resilient communities. 

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SRC fosters a supportive and inclusive research environment for university staff, students and stakeholders.

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If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with SRC then please contact our Research Assistant, Fiona Hesselden.

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