Research and PhD opportunities

SRC's approach

The Centre draws on a range of methodologies but especially encourages and supports human centered methodologies, such as participatory appraisal, consultative approaches, focus groups and other qualitative methods. A key aim is to undertake research that has measurable practical impacts, informs policy makers and also maximises academic outputs.

The Centre fosters a supportive and inclusive research environment for university staff, students and other stakeholders. A regular series of seminars are held at which staff, research students and invited guests speak.  See Events for the latest dates.

PhD Opportunities

CSRC is particularly interested in PhD students interested in pursuing their studies in the following areas (see list below).  Please note, at the same time, we also welcome approaches on other topics that sit within CSRC’s brief.   Please get in touch if you would like to discuss something. Email  or phone (+)1484 471367.

Topics of particular interest include the following:

Social Enterprise

  • Role of social enterprise in delivering community health interventions
  • Social enterprise and urban agriculture
  • Governance and legal structures of social enterprise
  • Public sector procurement and tendering through social enterprise
  • Leadership and Management of social enterprise
  • Financing of social enterprise / share capital models and value creation
  • Social enterprise and creation of resilient communities in developing countries

Sustainable Consumption and the Sharing Economy

  • Sustainable Consumption
  • Community, the Voluntary Sector and Consumption
  • Collaborative/Sharing Economy and Consumption
  • Disposal in Consumer Research
  • Consumer Resistance to Ethical/Green Consumption
  • Moral Dimensions of Consumption

Sustainability in relation to food systems

  • Farm Animal Welfare and Responsible Business
  • Local Food Enterprise and Sustainable Food Systems
  • Developments in Halal and Kosher Meat/Food
  • Migrants Workers and Entrepreneurs

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • CSR at the firm-level, with a focus on integrative perspectives of political activity
  • CSR in multinational corporations with a focus on transfer of CSR and CSR governance.
  • Micro foundations of CSR with a focus on motives and constructs of ‘responsibility’.