Data science is an interdisciplinary field that seeks to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems. Here at Huddersfield, we have research strengths in both:

  • Foundations of data science, including artificial intelligence and statistics
  • Application of data science in a variety of domains, ranging from industrial systems and healthcare to intelligent transportation, supply chain management and logistics, and journalism and media.

Our research is regularly funded by UKRI, NIHR, EU and direct contracts. We work with relevant stakeholders, including the NHS, local authorities, Highways England and local industry.

There are a number of Research Centres operating within the data science research area.

The Centre for Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge covers research in Artificial Intelligence, including Automated Planning, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and machine learning. It is interested in solving foundational problems such as learning and reasoning with large amounts of data, the automated learning and engineering of action knowledge for input to plan generation engines. And it is applying our AI expertise to the areas of autonomy, transport, machine calibration, health informatics and ambient intelligence. The Centre brings together experienced researcher leaders and many young, dynamic researchers; one of the younger scientists, Dr Mauro Vallati, recently received the highly competitive and prestigious UKRI Future Leadership award.

The Centre of AI for Mental Health aims to study the following question: How can AI help in the diagnosis and management of neurological conditions and, more generally, how can it contribute to people’s wellbeing? It seeks to provide answers by bringing together researchers from both artificial intelligence and medical / clinical professions. The Centre was established in 2021 and is quite unique in the country. It has strategic partnership with the South-West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Centre for Industrial Analytics conducts applied research into the visualisation and comprehension of complex data. Drawing together research capabilities from the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, predictive analytics, behavioural science, condition monitoring and advanced visualisation technologies, it provides new knowledge to support the comprehension of complex, fast-moving sources of data. Its research is firmly rooted in the challenges faced by industry, delivering significant impact to a range of different businesses. It helps companies diagnose and fix inefficiencies, provides intelligence about new market opportunities, and coaches individuals through the challenging path of new technology adoption.

The Centre of Mathematics and Data Science focuses on the development and applications of Mathematics and Data Science to problems of scientific, industrial and societal relevance.  The benefits of using mathematical or data modelling include increased understanding of processes, indirect measurements of quantities that cannot be measured directly, improved quality or efficiency.   Together with mathematical modeling and data science, another major area of expertise is computational algebra, especially concerning the practical use of group-theoretical algorithms to solve hard problems by computer-based experimentation.