Engineering has a vibrant and rapidly growing research community with expertise in such diverse areas as precision engineering, intelligent interfaces, systems engineering, and diagnostics. Our research environment is lively and collaborative, and well stocked with cutting edge equipment. Our Centre for Precision Technologies is widely regarded as the best research facility of its type in the UK and one of the top three in Europe.

In recent years we have invested in significant new infrastructure including a Nanolab, CT facilities, high performance computing (in collaboration with the Science and Technology Facilities Council), FIB and TEM instrumentation, as well as laboratories for optics and diagnostics.

Research institutes and centres

Precision Technology

The Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) is a centre of excellence for collaborative metrology research, solving real-world manufacturing problems through cutting edge metrology research in precision engineering.

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Ion Beam

The focus of research in the Huddersfield Ion Beam Centre is the use of energetic particles for a variety of purposes including RF generation, medical applications, studies of semiconductor materials, simulation of radiation damage in nuclear materials and the generation of nuclear power.

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Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis

The Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis (EMMA) Centre's research revolves around the use of electron microscopy to study the interaction of energetic particles with matter.

Engineering Materials

The Centre for Engineering Materials (CEM) aims to further develop knowledge and expertise in the field of engineering materials.

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Railway Research

The Institute of Railway Research (IRR) at the University of Huddersfield was formed in August 2012 with the aim to become a world leading centre of railway engineering research. 

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Efficiency and Performance Engineering

The Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering (CEPE) aims to advance the scope and sensitivity of machinery fault detection and diagnosis and of plant performance and emissions monitoring.

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Systems Engineering

The common thread running through the work of the Centre for Systems Engineering (CSE) is the expertise of its members in electronic and electrical systems, and an enormous diversity of research has stemmed from this.

Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention

The Institute for Skin integrity and infection prevention was formed in 2014 as a collaboration between the School of Human and Health Sciences, School of Computing and Engineering and School of Applied Sciences.

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Secure Societies

The Secure Societies Institute (SSI) is an inter-disciplinary research platform at the University of Huddersfield committed to developing a secure society for all, working with practitioners and policy makers in the fields of terrorism, crime, sustainability, design and security.

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