Project Outcomes

Over the five years of this project major expansion of PFM forest has been achieved and strengthening of the PFM system and its institutions. Outcome include:

  • 74,500 hectares of natural forest under devolved forest management (PFM) with secure tenure rights over the forest for local communities.
  • This builds on 76,500 hectares covered by the WCC-PFM forest so the total PFM forest area in the four districts is 151,000 hectares.
  • 67,000 hectares of the PFM forest with strengthened community rights due to Communal Land Certificates.
  • Forest perceived as a valuable and competitive land use by local communities with the result that deforestation for agricultural land is stopped.
  • Local existing and newly formed forest management associations manage the forest in a sustainable way, protecting wild coffee stands, extracting NTFP’s sustainably.
  • Local population see an increase in income from natural forest NTFP’s (honey, Luya) and market these through their own forest products co-operative.
  • Local government supports the functioning of the PFM agreements and Communal Land Certificates (giving communities secure tenure) and works with communities to monitor and assess the status of the forest and biodiversity.
  • Forest management organisations are institutionally strong and sustainable without project support.
  • Women, young people and minority ethnic groups are active participants in forest organisations and co-ops making up at least 30% of the core positions.
  • Project lessons and best practices scaled-up to other regions and utilised by other projects/ Dissemination.