The Quantitative Research Methods Training Unit (QRM-TU) directed by Professor Dan Boduszek is devoted to training researchers in the development and application of advanced quantitative methods and statistical techniques.

In order to meet the need for the provision of high quality training and support in basic and advanced multivariate statistical techniques, we have developed a series of courses addressing state of the art analytical techniques delivered by experts in the field. Our courses are normally delivered on the University of Huddersfield campus, but we have also delivered external courses for the UK (e.g., NHS, universities, research centres) and international (e.g., Ireland, Poland, Grenada) institutions.  

The QRM-TU underpins the quantitative research methods and capacity building at the heart of the None In Three Centre’s work around gender-based violence prevention through evaluation of prosocial computer games. Find out more at www.noneinthree.org.

"The uniqueness of QRM-TU is the focus on the practical application of statistical tests, and not on mathematical procedures. Our aim is to translate complicated statistical concepts into simple English and deliver them to non-statisticians." - Professor Dan Boduszek



If you require any further information regarding the courses or activities delivered by the Quantitative Research Methods Training Unit, please contact:

Professor Daniel Boduszek
E-mail: d.boduszek@hud.ac.uk