Banner image of the Quantitative Research Methods Training Unit

We know that learning statistical analysis can be a daunting and unpleasant experience at times. This is why we present complicated procedures in a simple way, avoiding jargon and confusing mathematical formulas at all costs. We teach researchers everything they need to know in order to finish their projects in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where they are helped and encouraged every step of the way. Associate members of the Quantitative Research Methods Training Unit are outstanding quantitative researchers and international experts in the delivery of research methods courses.

The uniqueness of Quantitative Research Methods Training Unit (QRM-TU) is the focus on the practical application of Latent Variable Modelling and Propensity Score Analysis, not mathematical procedures.


  • Provide high quality training and support in advanced multivariate statistical modelling in a latent variable framework to non-statisticians
  • Provide a series of courses addressing state of the art analytical techniques without mathematical procedures
  • Provide training in Mplus, Amos, R, and SPSS
  • Increase awareness of current developments in quantitative statistical analysis of human and social science data (e.g., application of propensity score analysis)
  • Provide statistical consultancies for research centres in the UK and worldwide