Human and Health Sciences at Huddersfield plays host to a dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment, striving to support world-class research excellence that provides a significant local and international impact whilst developing and nurturing a collaborative research community of staff and students.

Our central research interests are organised around four core themes:

  • Contemporary citizenship
  • Evidence-based policy and practice for promoting health, welfare and crime reduction
  • Social and political identities
  • The development of applied social science theories and methodologies

To find out about scholarships and student fee-waiver schemes available please visit our research scholarships webpage.

Our research activity takes an applied, multidisciplinary approach to social and health topics spanning child welfare and protection, citizenship, nationalism and identity, gender and sexuality, investigative psychology, long-term conditions, mental health and well-being, reproductive and infant health, and understanding and responding to crime.

Our research takes place within a specialist infrastructure of facilities, including a dedicated Human and Health Sciences research building at the heart of the University campus.

Research institutes and centres