Human and Health Sciences at Huddersfield plays host to a dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment, striving to support world-class research excellence that provides a significant local and international impact whilst developing and nurturing a collaborative research community of staff and students.

Our central research interests are organised around four core themes:

  • Contemporary citizenship
  • Evidence-based policy and practice for promoting health, welfare and crime reduction
  • Social and political identities
  • The development of applied social science theories and methodologies

To find out about scholarships and student fee-waiver schemes available please visit our research scholarships webpage.

Our research activity takes an applied, multidisciplinary approach to social and health topics spanning child welfare and protection, citizenship, nationalism and identity, gender and sexuality, investigative psychology, long-term conditions, mental health and well-being, reproductive and infant health, and understanding and responding to crime.

Our research takes place within a specialist infrastructure of facilities, including a dedicated Human and Health Sciences research building at the heart of the University campus.

Research institutes and centres


Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention

The Institute for Skin integrity and infection prevention was formed in 2014 as a collaboration between the School of Human and Health Sciences, School of Computing and Engineering and School of Applied Sciences.


Secure Societies Institute

The Secure Societies Institute (SSI) is an inter-disciplinary research platform at the University of Huddersfield committed to developing a secure society for all, working with practitioners and policy makers in the fields of terrorism, crime, sustainability, design and security.


Applied Criminology and Policing

Originally located in a West Yorkshire police station almost 20 years ago, increasing demand for our work has led us to grow over time into a vibrant research community, moving onto the University campus in 2004.


Just Futures Centre

Just Futures: Centre for Child, Youth, Family and Community Research is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in child and family research.


Applied Research in Health

Our main aim is to carry out research which improves the health and wellbeing of those using health services and the wider population, with an emphasis on applied research.


Cognition and Neuroscience

The Centre for Cognition and Neuroscience (CCN) is focused on the development of fundamental theories of cognitive and neural processing and their application to solving pressing human problems.  Our research is always inspired by the aim to create a positive impact in the real world.