Useful resources on qualitative research and data analysis

Health Technology Assessment Programme. You can order or download their excellent volume: Qualitative research methods in health technology assessment: a review of the literature (Murphy et al, 1999) 276 pages, Volume 2, number 16.

International Institute for Qualitative Methodology at the University of Alberta, Canada. A major international centre; site has some useful links:

QSR International. Home page of the leading qualitative analysis software publishers, whose products include Nvivo and N6 (latest version of NUD*IST).


The Qualitative Report: Founded in 1990 and on-line since 1994, a rich and valuable source:

International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Another very useful free e-journal, based at the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (see above):

Forum Qualitative Social Research. Excellent e-journal, with special issues on diverse interesting topics:

Discourse Analysis Online. New and innovative journal for anyone with an interest in discursive approaches in psychology and related disciplines:

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