Welcome to the Template Analysis website

This website, designed by Professor Nigel King, provides a resource for those using an approach to qualitative data analysis known as ‘template analysis’ (TA). Whether you are new to this kind of analysis or a veteran qualitative researcher, it is hoped the website will be of use to you. This resource has been designed to be of relevance to researchers from any social scientific discipline. Much of the content uses examples from organizational and health psychology, but by contributing to the resource's Facebook page you can explore template analysis in relation to your own discipline.

Professor Nigel King

Applied Psychology, Department of Behavioural Sciences

'I am a Professor in Applied Psychology in the Department of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Huddersfield. Having written widely on innovation and change in organisations, my recent empirical work has focused on primary healthcare settings. However, my interests and publications also explore the experience of chronic illness, professional identities in health and social care, and paranormal beliefs and experiences. I am particularly interested in phenomenology and its implications for psychology. My long-standing interest in qualitative approaches in psychology draws together these diverse strands.'


Professor Nigel King has taught and written about qualitative methods in psychology and allied disciplines for over 10 years, and has used them extensively in his own research. Whilst there is a large quantity of literature on thematic approaches in general, there is relatively little specifically on the use of the template style, the main sources being literature by Crabtree and Miller and Nigel.

This website has been developed to help answer queries on template analysis and to create a space for researchers to discuss and explore the use of template analysis in relation to their work. This material shows how template analysis can not only be used to introduce people to qualitative data analysis, but also to carry out more sophisticated and complex research.

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What is template analysis?

A concise description of the approach and how it relates to other types of qualitative data analysis


The technique in detail

A step-by-step practical guide to using the approach. 



Real examples of how the approach has been used.



Methodological literature on template analysis and similar approaches, examples of papers and reports and some general references to qualitative methods in psychology and other disciplines.



Other sites of potential interest.