Publications and Outputs


  • Wood, A.P., Tolera, M., Snell, M., O’Hara, P. & Hailu, A. (2019) Community forest management (CFM) in south-west Ethiopia: Maintaining forests, biodiversity and carbon stocks to support wild coffee conservation. Global Environmental Change, Vol. 59, November, p.1-11.
  • Hwang, B. P., Wood, A.P., Snell, M., Fantaye, D., Belayneh, E. & Mekuria, B., (2020) “Monitoring wild coffee using ground survey and satellite observation in community-managed forest in Sheko, south-west Ethiopia.” Sustainability. 12, 22, 20 p. 9409.
  • Hwang, B., Kitessa Hundera, Bizuneh Mekuria, Wood, A.P. & Andinet Asfaw (2020) “Intensified management of coffee forest in southwest Ethiopia detected by Landsat imagery.” Forests, 11, 422; doi:10.3390/f11040422


Briefing Notes

  • SWFLG Briefing Note 16: Communal Land Certificates as a way to Improve Use Rights in PFM Forests.