Welcome to the homepage of the Wild Coffee Conservation and PFM Project (WCC-PFM). This project operates in Sheko, North Bench and Guraferda Districts of Bench-Maji zone and Yeki Districts of Sheka Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS) (see map below). Within these districts the project works with 55 communities who live in or near to the forests which dominate this area.


Coffee has its genetic hearth in the south west highlands of Ethiopia. This is where Arabica coffee originated and was first domesticated. The forests with this globally important wild coffee genetic resource are under threat from deforestation and enhancement planting of high yielding coffee varieties.Government resources were and are limited and the traditional approach to in situ conservation, based on a protectionist approach (zonation and control of the activities of the local communities), does not have a good record. In particular, excluding communities from forests to “protect” the genetic resources has often had negative results.



The project works in SNNPRS in Bench Maji Zone and Sheka Zones in four woredas (Sheko, North Bench, Yeki and Guraferda) with 55 Forest Management Groups operating at the got (village) level, who live in and around three important forest areas, Kontir Berhan and Amora Gedel in Sheko, and Guraferda forest in Guraferda.

Researchers at Huddersfield Business School analyse the major challenges facing communities around the world related to unsustainable practice and destruction of resources A map depicting the project location