Publications and Outputs


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Briefing Notes

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  • Briefing Note 9: Sheko’s Unique Coffee Biodiversity. Mulugeta Lemenih and Adrian Wood. June 2014.
  • Briefing Note 10: PFM in Sheko. Mulugeta Lemenih and Adrian Wood. June 2014.
  • Briefing Note 11: Forest Enterprise. Dena Freeman, compiled by Fiona Hesselden. December 2015.
  • Briefing Note 12: Managing Land Use and Land Cover Change. Assefa Guchi, compiled by Matthew Snell. December 2015.
  • Briefing Note 13: Biomass and Carbon Stock Monitoring. Temesgen Yohannes and Mindaye Teshome, compiled by Matthew Snell. December 2015.
  • Briefing Note 14: Household Income and Community Management of Forests. Mulugeta Lemenih, compiled by Fiona Hesselden. April 2016
  • Briefing Note 15: Biodiversity Assessment Sheko Forest South-West Ethiopia. Motuma Tolera, Adrian Wood and Tesfaye Awas, compiled by Fiona Hesselden. April 2016.


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Summary and Publicity Materials

Wild Coffee Conservation by Participatory Forest Management – Exploring the Potential of PFM to Support in situ Conservation. Brochure. 

Researchers at Huddersfield Business School analyse the major challenges facing communities around the world related to unsustainable practice and destruction of resources Wild Coffee Conservation Project Summary