Lean Construction Health and Safety Seminar

Tuesday 21 February
4.15 - 6.15pm
Sir George Buckley Leacture Theatre
Researchers Hub

Every year many people working in the construction industry are killed or injured or suffer ill health as a result of their work. Members of the public are also affected. In recent years, the potential of Lean Management in mitigating Health and Safety concerns has been under the spotlight. In this free-to-attend event the synergy between Lean construction and Health and Safety will be explored. Managers responsible for Lean implementation, Health and Safety, Construction and Project Managers as well as researchers will benefit from the event.


4.15pm Introduction and Welcome by Prof Lauri Koskela
4.20pm Future Directions in Lean Management and Construction Health and Safety by Prof Glenn Ballard
5.00pm Lean Management and Construction Health and Safety: An Overview by Dr Algan Tezel
5.15pm Forum Discussion
6.15pm Conclusion and Closure


Speaker Bios

Dr Glenn Ballard is Professor of Construction Engineering and Management at the University of California, Berkley. Prof Ballard's principle research interest is adapting Lean Production theory from manufacturing to construction management practice. Toward that end, he has developed a model for lean delivery of capital facility projects, the Lean Project Delivery System. Dr Ballard is also a founding member of the International Group of Lean Construction (IGLC).

Dr Algan Tezel is Researcher at the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield. His research focuses on Production Management in construction, especially conventional and digital visual management systems in Lean Construction and Production Management.

Enquiries and Registration

Sharon Baines, s.e.baines@hud.ac.uk